Workshop: CSO Accountability in the Digital Age

Actively Engaging Stakeholders to Improve our Impact

Check out the new Charter project on CSO Accountability in the Digital Age!

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are in the business of creating stakeholder value. That’s our ultimate accountability! Digitisation now allows stakeholders themselves to drive this value creation process at an unprecedented speed and scale. Global connectivity and increased levels of literacy allow people to co-create the change they want to see.

Benefits & Risks
Large-scale, real-time stakeholder engagement offers huge opportunities to increase CSOs’ reach, knowledge, innovativeness and impact. At the same time it bears risks in regard to quality control, data protection, duty of care for supporters and managing reputational risks.

♦  How to strike the right balance between engaging a great number of diverse stakeholders while keeping focus and speed?
♦  How to move freely, innovative and bold while being reliable and accountable to people we serve, donors, partners, staff etc.?
♦  How to protect reputational risk and credibility when working in fluid, dynamic environments?
♦  How to balance the aim for mass popularity with a commitment to quality?

The workshop will provide an excellent space for peer exchange and cross-pollination. Therefore, feel free to alert any relevant colleagues from e.g. programming, advocacy, communication, ICT or movement building who might be interested in this topic. You can have a look at our very promising draft agenda here. Logistical information on hotels, restaurant for joint dinner on 24 September, etc. will follow once you have registered as a workshop participant. Registration is to be done via this online form by 20 August 2015.

Preparing the workshop we would like to know from you: What are the greatest opportunities and what are the greatest challenges you envisage when moving from:

  • consultation with a limited number of stakeholders to
  • actively co-creating activities with a potentially much larger amount of people?

Opportunities may include that it broadens our knowledge, reach, ownership etc. Risks may include – among others – loss of control, overload of data, or lack of focus. It will be important to gain a very good picture on where you see potential opportunities and risks for your organisation to ensure that we can design the workshop in a way that adds most value to you.

Send us your input or comments using the form below by 20 August 2015.