Why become a Member?

“As a member of the inaugural Independent Review Panel over the past four years, I have witnessed invaluable growth of commitment by Member organisations to the principles of the Charter growing from statements of commitment to institutionalised practices. The spread of these good practices is bound to make transformational contribution to development practice. As I now serve in a county government, the lessons from these practices have become part of my ‘go-to’ place for tested accountability practices!“

Wambui Kimathi
County Secretary, County Government of Nyeri, Kenya
Former member of the Independent Review Panel

Most Widely Used: The Charter is the world’s most widely used multi-sectoral accountability framework for International NGOs. As of 2015, 20 INGOs are Charter Members.

Multi-Sectoral: The Charter is multi-sectoral and transnational, covering environment, development, human rights, women’s’ rights, disabilities, indigenous rights, youth, anticorruption and consumer groups around the world.

NGO Owned: The Charter is owned and developed by its Member Organisations, with their own resources. The Charter is directly accountable to its stakeholders, who have full control over the future development of the Charter. The Charter is the instrument which the CSO sector can use to ensure that its accountability is always at the forefront of development.

Integrity: The Charter is governed by a company limited by guarantee, which enables the Charter Members to exclude or remove Member Organisations who are in serious breach of our Accountability Commitments. This protects the integrity of the Charter. Read more about the governance of the Charter.

Commitment to Excellence: The Charter is an expression of the commitment of CSOs to excellence and accountability, good governance, ethical fundraising, responsible advocacy, sustainability and programme effectiveness.

Independent Reporting Process: Through a two year public multi-stakeholder process, the Charter and the Global Reporting Initiative developed a reporting tool – the NGO Sector Supplement. This means that the Charter is using reporting indicators developed with independent input and public consultation. Read more about the reporting process.

Independent Review Panel: The Charter has established an Independent Review Panel of eminent people from development, human rights, judicial, business, and academic backgrounds. The Panel vets the Members’ reports and addresses complaints in relation to the performance of Members. The Independent Review Panel ensures that the Charter can provide a real framework for accountability.

Commitment to Improvement: The Charter provides training and support to Member Organisations on reporting and wider accountability issues. Read more about Members’ Activities.

A Very Credible Tool
"When searching for a suitable framework to allow Sightsavers to prove its commitment to accountability, we found the INGO Accountability Charter to have the best proven record of a robust reporting and vetting scheme. Particularly for an organisation involved in development and not primarily humanitarian work, the Charter offers a comprehensive and very credible tool to demonstrate a high level of accountability."

Caroline Harper, CEO, Sightsavers