Webinars are a way to strengthen exchange among Accountable Now Members, share expertise and discuss critical aspects of accountability. Webinars are exclusively organised for Accountable Now Members and free of charge.

What’s “accountability” in the eyes of youth?
March 22, 2017 at 1.00 pm CET / 12.00 pm GMT
Accountability concepts and practices have been refined over decades now. But are they meaningful for people under 25 years old? It is these young people, who are the future of our sector and there are more of them than at any point in history. This webinar will invite young people who are engaged in the social sector to share with us: what they look for when assessing if an organisation is more or less accountable?


Jack McQuibban, Advocacy & Networks Coordinator, Restless Development
Gaïus Kowene, Member, Youth Action Team, CIVICUS
Elisa Novoa, Youth Engagement Officer, CIVICUS

How to keep up with the digital customer feedback revolution?
June 2017, tbc
Unless we know what people and partners, who we work with, think, feel, complain about, want and offer – we are likely to miss out on the optimal strategy to achieve our shared goal. What can we learn from the business sector? How to generate, aggregate, visualise and use feedback for better decision making? How can we do this individually as organisations and collectively as a sector?

New ways of measuring impact
December 2017, tbc
In a fast changing world, it does not come as a surprise that approaches to measuring impact also undergo constant changes. From log-frames, to value for money to fully automated assessments by artificial intelligence systems as done by the Trillium Foundation in Ontario – where are we today? Presenters will share the most cutting-edge formats they have come up with to assess the impact of civil society organisations.

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Practicing better multiple accountabilities

“Membership to the INGO Accountability Charter is significant for us for two main reasons: firstly, we regard this as an open declaration of ActionAid’s pro-active commitment to advancing accountability at all levels; and secondly, we believe that the INGO Charter membership is an opportunity to learn from our peers and contribute to generating development sector-wide knowledge creation about practicing better multiple accountabilities.”

Adriano-Campolina-chief-executive-actionaid-internationalAdriano Campolina, Chief Executive, ActionAid International