Webinars are a way to strengthen exchange among Charter Members, share expertise and discuss critical aspects of accountability. Webinars are exclusively organised for Charter Members and free of charge.

Getting up to speed: How to protect our data and privacy in the digital age?
Early December 2016
The new possibilities of connecting with our supporters and the people we serve in the digital age bring fundamental changes to the work of the civil society sector. Digital connectivity allows for substantially increased reach and impact, but it does not come without risks. How do we adequately protect the data of people in different legal contexts? What is the adequate legal framework we need to lobby for? At the end of 2015, a new Charter Peer Advice Group (PAG) formed itself on Data Protection & Privacy with representatives from Charter Members such as ActionAid, Amnesty International, CBM, IPPF, Plan, Sightsavers, SOS, and World Vision. The PAG aims at benchmarking each other’s organisations, staying on top of current developments, and developing best practice guidelines for data protection and privacy. This webinar will present you with relevant findings of the peer exchange and the challenges peers face.

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Practicing better multiple accountabilities

“Membership to the INGO Accountability Charter is significant for us for two main reasons: firstly, we regard this as an open declaration of ActionAid’s pro-active commitment to advancing accountability at all levels; and secondly, we believe that the INGO Charter membership is an opportunity to learn from our peers and contribute to generating development sector-wide knowledge creation about practicing better multiple accountabilities.”

Adriano-Campolina-chief-executive-actionaid-internationalAdriano Campolina, Chief Executive, ActionAid International