Survey on the Excellence of CSO Accountability

Reality check on CSO accountability shows challenging gaps. Need to get better at delivering what we promise!

In times of shrinking civic space and increased competition for funding – excellent accountability is crucially important to build trust and achieve impact. However, this study reveals that there are severe challenges we face as a sector.

Based on desktop research and structured interviews, it compares 40 of the leading civil society organisations (CSOs) worldwide to assess how well they perform on six key areas of accountability. Commissioned by the INGO Accountability Charter and conducted by the direct impact group, the study reveals astonishing gaps in particular in regard to putting policy into practice.

From 40 CSOs who were approached to send some information which wasn’t confidential according to usual open information policies – only three got back in time with the requested information. However, the study also provides some great examples of best practice, like the CEO leadership on accountability – trickling down to excellent results in all six indicators.

Overall, the study sheds an interesting light on the fast evolving practice of accountability worldwide and practical recommendations on burning issues we all need to address fast to remain resilient and successful.

Read the full survey – let us know what you think – feedback great examples you know or just further questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Survey on CSO Excellence