Independent Review Panel

The task of the Independent Review Panel is to underpin the credibility and integrity of Accountable Now by assuring that Members are in compliance with the 10 Accountability Commitements. The Panel reviews all Accountability Reports and is the final instance for handling complaints filed against Accountable Now Members.

Members of the Independent Review Panel:

Mihir Bhatt is the Director and founder of the All India Disaster Mitigation Institute. He has been evaluating the humanitarian work of both UN and international nongovernmental agencies on beneficiary feedback, rehabilitation activities, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation projects in Asia and the Pacific.

Rhonda Chapman works as an independent consultant specialising in the review, assessment and capacity building of civil society organisations within the international development sector. She is a former Director of Development Practice and Membership at the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID).

John Clark is Chair of the international anti-corruption NGO, Partnership for Transparency Fund, on the supervisory board of the European Center for Not-for-profit Law and on the advisory Council for the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law. He has worked at the World Bank, in the United Nations Secretary-General’s office, and in Oxfam GB.

Louise James is Managing Director in Accenture’s management consulting practice where she has worked since 1997. Within Accenture Louise is the Global Programmes Director for Accenture Development Partnerships, a not-for-profit consulting group. She is on the Board of BOND.

Jane Kiragu is a human rights lawyer and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. She is currently the Managing Director of Satima Consultants Ltd, a Kenyan based consultancy firm.

Nora Lester Murad is co-founder of Dalia Association and Aid Watch Palestine. She is an independent researcher / consultant and works with Palestinian CSOs, ICSOs, and multilateral organisations doing strategic planning, community development, organisational change, capacity assessments, impact evaluations, and other projects.

Saroeun Soeung is the Executive Director of the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC), a leading membership organisation for local and international NGOs in Cambodia. Furthermore, he is one of the founders of Transparency International Cambodia.

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Driving Performance

“I have become convinced by the work I have seen on Accountable Now as a member of the Independent Review Panel that appropriate standard-setting is a feasible way of helping to drive up performance in the CSO world.”

Richard Manning, former Chair of the OECD's DAC
Terms of Reference

The selection and the role of the Panel are described in the Terms of Reference.