Review Process

Charter Member Organisations are required to report annually against their commitments towards the Charter. Since 2010, the reporting framework in place is the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) NGO Sector Supplement. This framework was originally developed in cooperation between the Charter and GRI in a multi-stakeholder process to serve the needs of NGOs. With five years of vetting experience, the Charter’s Independent Review Panel has now further developed Reporting Guidelines to ensure a focus on qualitative and progress-oriented reporting rather than on transparency of data only. Learn more about the reporting process in the Charter’s Reporting Requirements.

In a nutshell, the Charter Secretariat pre-screens the reports before they are forwarded to the Independent Review Panel. It is the Panel’s task to review and provide feedback on all Member reports, which ensures the credibility and integrity of the reporting process and provides stakeholders with the confidence that Members are complying with the Charter.

The Member Organisations are given the opportunity to comment on the Panel’s feedback to the report. These comments are published on the Charter website along with the report and the Panel’s feedback. Click here to view Member reports that have been reviewed by the Panel.
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Reporting Matrix
A matrix table was established in order to highlight that our Accountability Commitments are covered by the components included in the reporting framework. Read more about the Reporting Matrix.

Access Sightsavers' Link to Charter Principles to follow the connection between the GRI reporting requirements and the Charter Members’ commitment to excellence, transparency and accountability.