Testimonials from Member Senior Leadership Teams

and how Membership has benefited their organisations

Jennifer Morgan and Bunny McDiarmid, Executive Directors Greenpeace

Bunny McDiarmid and Jennifer Morgan


Bunny McDiarmid and Jennifer Morgan, Executive Directors, Greenpeace International:
“As we witness more governments relinquishing civic authority to private industry and rolling back regulatory oversight, it is more important than ever that we ensure accountability and transparency. We must strengthen our role in society by challenging the powers that be and give voice to the people. At Greenpeace International, we feel strongly that we all must be accountable for our actions; this is why Accountable Now is so important to us.”

Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen

Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen

Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen, CEO, Plan International:
“At Plan International, we’ve made a big commitment to strengthening our corporate accountability – it’s one of our top global priorities for the year ahead to help make us more efficient and improve our practices. Our membership of Accountable Now will help us achieve the level of accountability we need to become one of the most trusted organisations in the sector at a time when we have set ourselves a bold and ambitious new purpose.”


Adriano Campolina


Adriano Campolina, Chief Executive, ActionAid International:
“Membership to Accountable Now is significant for us for two main reasons : firstly, we regard this as an open declaration of ActionAid’s pro-active commitment to advancing accountability at all levels; and secondly, we believe that Accountable Now membership is an opportunity to learn from our peers and contribute to generating development sector-wide knowledge creation about practicing better multiple accountabilities.”

Kevin Jenkins

Kevin Jenkins

Kevin Jenkins, President, World Vision International:
“Accountable Now provides the best framework for World Vision to fulfil our commitment to accountability. It is comprehensive, providing an umbrella for reporting to all of our stakeholders on many different aspects of our work. Our commitment to the pursuit of excellence in all that we do is reinforced through interaction with our peers and the discipline of annual reporting to internationally recognised standards and assessment by an Independent Review Panel.”

Danny Sriskandarajah

Danny Sriskandarajah


Danny Sriskandarajah, Secretary General and CEO of CIVICUS:
“For CIVICUS it is important that NGOs base their accountability on truly global reflection and expertise. Accountable Now offers the ideal platform for this global exchange of expertise and collective development for strong global NGO accountability.”


Cobus de Swardt

Cobus de Swardt

Cobus de Swardt, Managing Director, Transparency International:
“Transparency International is proud to be one of the Founding Signatories of Accountable Now. Accountable Now covers a wide range of aspects of NGO work – including accountability for advocacy – and continuously drives our sector standards and day-to-day implementation. The communities of practice among members have proven excellent to help progress our accountability and sustainability performance.”

Taiwan Fund for Children and Families

Betty Su-Chiou Ho, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families


Betty Su-Chiou Ho, CEO, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families:
“We believe that Accountable Now is one of our best choices to join due to its high standard of transparency, accountability and effectiveness. Being an Accountable Now Member allows us to collaborate with international NGOs, learn, advance and thus serve more people in need.“



Caroline Harper

Caroline Harper, CEO, Sightsavers:
“When searching for a suitable framework to allow Sightsavers to prove its commitment to accountability, we found Accountable Now to have the best proven record of a robust reporting and vetting scheme. Particularly for an organisation involved in development and not primarily humanitarian work, Accountable Now offers a comprehensive and very credible tool to demonstrate a high level of accountability.”


Perry Maddox


Perry Maddox, COO, Restless Development::
“We were excited to join Accountable Now because it represents a standard for accountability, a space to learn from our partners, and a challenge that will help us to continually improve. We are keen to help drive the discourse on transparency beyond simple, defensive compliance and toward the positive action of turning our agency inside-out for young people and for those with whom we work. We see Accountable Now as a vital partner in that journey.”

SOS Children's Villages

Roberta Capella, SOS Children’s Villages

Roberta Capella, International Director Fund Development and Communications, SOS Children’s Villages International:
“Accountable Now is actually a great fundraising tool. Companies, foundations, institutional donors and private investors in particular are seeking to assess the reliability and accountability of their NGO partners before committing to a substantial investment. We recently used our membership and annual report to Accountable Now in negotiations with a multinational company to demonstrate how we set and monitor our standards and how we manage risks. The positive response to it from their compliance team certainly was a key driver to the establishment of a new long-term global partnership.”


Dave McComiskey


Dave McComiskey, Former President and CEO, CBM International:
“Accountability to all our stakeholders is a fundamental value for CBM. Accountable Now challenges us to continuously review our standards and to think of accountability from many different aspects. Through this important tool for CBM to not only learn from our peers but to also challenge others in the sector to become inclusive of persons with disabilities.”


Colin Munro, International Planned Parenthood Federation


Colin Munro, Director Strategic Advice, IPPF:
“For IPPF accountability is one of our key values. We believe it is a cornerstone of trust which is demonstrated through high performance, ethical standards and transparency. As we move into our new strategic period in 2016, my emphasis on accountability will ensure that it triangulates: Accountability to ourselves; Accountability to our partners and donors, and Accountability to the general public. Our membership of Accountable Now will help ensure we implement best practice but that also what we report in this area is subject to external scrutiny.”

Abby Maxman

Abby Maxman

Abby Maxman, Deputy Secretary General, CARE International:
“Accountable Now offers an important opportunity to reflect on, learn from and connect with peers around the issues of accountability in general, and to share experiences and best practice around topics of importance and relevance to the sector more broadly and the role and responsibility of INGOs in particular.”