Professional Management

We commit to effective, ethical management and continuous improvement in the quality of our work. This will require:
  • A clear strategy and effective monitoring, evaluation and learning procedures
    being in place for our boards, staff, programmes and projects, to constantly
    ensure we reflect and improve the quality of our work on the basis of mutual
  • Following principles of best practice in financial management to ensure all
    funds are effectively allocated to achieve strategic objectives;
  • Minimising the risk of funds being misused;
  • Investing in human resource development to enable staff and volunteers to do
    their best in advancing our mission;
  • Human resource policies which conform with relevant standards and are in
    accordance with the values of our organisations in terms of employee and
    volunteer rights and health and safety at work;
  • Regular performance appraisals of all staff;
  • Remuneration and benefits that strike a balance between public expectations
    of not-for-profit organisations and the need to attract and retain the staff
    required to fulfil our mission;
  • Policies and processes which ensure respect for sexual integrity in all our
    programmes and activities, and prohibit gender harassment, sexual exploitation
    and discrimination.