Good Governance

We commit to effective governance that ensures we act in accordance with stated values and agreed procedures and our programmes achieve outcomes that are consistent with our mission. This will require:
  • Publication of a clearly defined and transparent mission, governance structure
    and decision making process at the governance level;
  • A governing body which supervises and evaluates the chief executive, and
    oversees programme and budgetary matters. This body will define overall
    strategy, consistent with the organisation’s mission, ensure that resources are
    used efficiently and appropriately, that performance is measured, that financial
    integrity is assured and that public trust is maintained;
  • Written procedures covering the appointment, internal accountability,
    responsibilities and term limits of members of the governing body;
  • Effective risk management and compliance with relevant laws and regulations
    in the jurisdictions within which the entity operates;
  • Publication of an annual financial report conformant with relevant laws and
    practices and audited by a qualified independent auditor whose statement will
    accompany the report.