Our Accountability Commitments

Strong accountability practice is essential for NGOs’ legitimacy, the quality of their work and to maintain the trust they depend on. The INGO Accountability Charter Text was first written in 2005 and fully revised in 2014. It is based on ten strong commitments to accountability which are visualised in circles below. Please click on each individually to find more information. Compliance against these commitments is reported on, assessed annually and published on our website. click map

Respect For Human Rights Independence Transparency Good Governance Responsible Advocacy Diversity / Inclusion Participation Environmental Responsibility Professional Management Ethical Fundraising
La carta de rendición de cuentas Español (pdf.)
Translated from the original: TWB Logo
International Aid Transparency Initiative
The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is a donor driven initiative to provide more transparency on aid flows. It is a reporting protocol that allows for greater comparability of a huge quantity of data. As such, it complements the Charter’s intention to provide more information on the quality of CSO work. The INGO Accountability Charter is a IATI member as of January 2014. This membership commits the Charter to promote the IATI standard and allows it to participate in its further development to better suit the needs of CSOs.