Membership Rights and Obligations

Full Members and Affiliate members are:

  • Entitled to attend Annual General Meetings.
  • Entitled to attend workshops, trainings and peer-review sessions organised by the Charter Company.
  • Entitled to participate in Charter expert networks as organised by the Charter Company.
  • Entitled to be listed on the Charter website as Full Members or Affiliate members.
  • Required to pay membership fees as set by the Board.
  • Required to report annually against the Charter in line with the reporting requirements set by the Board at the same level of quality for the entire organisation/s they subscribed for.
  • Entitled and required to have their reports vetted by the Independent Review Panel and the feedback to be published on the Charter website.

Only Full Members are:

  • Entitled to lodge proposals and have a vote at Annual General Meetings. The voting right of national chapters shall be exercised through the international secretariat/ headquarter unless the latter is itself not a member. The voting right is limited to one vote for one international organisation.
  • Entitled to nominate persons to stand for election to the Board.
  • Entitled to use the Charter logo for the organisation or part of organisation which has become a Full Member.