Membership Criteria and Fees

Membership Criteria
Non-governmental and non-profit organisations are welcome and invited to join the INGO Accountability Charter. The membership criteria were revised in April 2013 to ensure that membership is open to a larger segment of the NGO sector. The criteria can be found in the complete Charter Membership Structure.

Membership is available for NGOs which:

  • Undertake operational and/or advocacy activities in the public interest on issues that benefit the environment, society as a whole or a group in particular, as well as foundations contributing to the funding of such activities.
  • Have a mission and mandate that require the organisation to work predominantly internationally, or to work on international issues. Organisations with a national work focus are only eligible for membership if they work in countries where no equivalent national accountability framework is available.
  • Have activities and management practices which are consistent with and supportive of the vision, purpose and objectives of the Charter.
  • Will embrace, comply with and promote the Charter (as amended from time to time) in its entirety.
  • Have been in existence with due diligence (valid legal registration, published Annual Reports and annual externally audited account) for at least three years.
  • Have a Complaints Handling Mechanism for internal and external complaints in place or give written consent that it will be fully implemented by the time the first accountability report is submitted.
  • Apply for Charter Membership in the form required by the Directors.
  • Are approved by a majority of 75% of the Directors.
  • Fulfil all Membership obligations.

Organisations which meet the above requirements can apply for Membership by filling out the application form. The Charter Board reviews all applications and has the final decision regarding Membership.

Full Members and Affiliate Members
All new Members are Affiliate Members until they have submitted their first accountability report and this has been vetted by the Independent Review Panel. Full Members that withdraw from the Charter and wish to return within one year’s time can under exceptional circumstances become Full Members again without first going through the phase as Affiliate Member.

Full Members and Affiliate members are:

  • Entitled to attend Annual General Meetings.
  • Entitled to attend workshops, trainings and peer-review sessions organised by the Charter.
  • Entitled to participate in Charter expert networks as organised by the Charter.
  • Entitled to be listed on the Charter website as Full Members or Affiliate members.
  • Required to pay membership fees as set by the Board.
  • Required to report annually against the Charter in line with the reporting requirements set by the Board at the same level of quality for the entire organisation/s they subscribed for.
  • Entitled and required to have their reports vetted by the Independent Review Panel and the feedback to be published on the Charter website.

Only Full Members are:

  • Entitled to lodge proposals and have a vote at Annual General Meetings. The voting right of national chapters shall be exercised through the international secretariat/ headquarter unless the latter is itself not a member. The voting right is limited to one vote for one international organisation.
  • Entitled to nominate persons to stand for election to the Board.
  • Entitled to use the Charter logo for the organisation or part of organisation which has become a Full Member.

Membership Fees
In order for the Charter to be financially self-sustaining, the management and administration costs need to be covered by the Member Organisations. All Charter Members are therefore required to pay an annual membership fee, based on the annual income of the Member Organisation. Please find the fee categories below or access the Membership Fees Policy.

Any new Member joining the Charter before 30 June of each year will pay the full annual membership fee; organisations becoming Members after 1 July will only be charged half of their annual membership fee for the first year.

Fee Category Annual Income Annual Fees – Euro (€)
A <1 million € 1.000 €
B 1-5 million € 2.000 €
C 5-20 million € 4.000 €
D 20-100 million € 7.000 €
E 100-500 million € 15.000 €
F 500 million-1 billion € 20.000 €
G >1 billion € 25.000 €
Application Form
Membership Rights and Obligations
Partners of the Charter
In order to strengthen the global outlook and nature of the Charter, the Board established Partners of the Charter in April 2014.
A Member wishing to withdraw from the Charter must give written notice at least four months before the end of the year, i.e. by 1 September for the resignation to be effective as of 1 January of the following year. The Member will be asked to submit a form explaining the reasons for its wish to withdraw.