Good Practice

Good Practice from Accountable Now Members’ Accountability Reports

When reviewing Accountable Now Members’ reports, the Independent Review Panel selects answers that they feel constitute good practice and could provide valuable information for other Members and the sector.

Have a look at the selected Good Practice examples.

Accountable Now Webinars are an additional way to strengthen exchange among Members and tap into their collective wealth of knowledge and expertise on critical issues of accountability such as effective stakeholder engagement, inclusion and non-discrimination, corruption and fraud, environmental impact, or complaints handling mechanisms.

Learning from Peers

“Accountability to all our stakeholders is a fundamental value for CBM. Accountable Now challenges us to continuously review our standards and to think of accountability from many different aspects. Through this important tool for CBM to not only learn from our peers but to also challenge others in the sector to become inclusive of persons with disabilities.”

Dave McComiskey, Former President and CEO, CBM International