I. The Digital Opportunity

The digital age allows for a new dimension of interaction between civil society organisations (CSOs) and stakeholders. Instant, global, two-way communication is available at low cost. Almost more importantly – a digital communication culture has emerged in which stakeholders demand a new level of interactivity. This is a great opportunity for CSOs to strengthen their relationship with stakeholders and collectively leverage impact. Those capitalising on the new opportunity often call it a people powered strategy.

Building trusted relationships and co-creating change towards the shared cause, allows CSOs to move from transactional to long term transformative change that is owned by the people they work with. It also offers access to an amazing pool of skills, capacity and knowledge that stakeholders offer to contribute.

The following paper looks at the trend of interactive stakeholder engagement in the digital age; outlines the huge opportunities and serious challenges it brings for CSOs that choose a people-powered work approach; and highlights how emerging accountability practices support success.

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