Charter Events in 2016

Date  Event Info
26 January Board Meeting Board Directors
14-18 March CSO Accountability in the Digital Age Meeting Digital Accountability group will meet at the Rockefeller Foundation in Bellagio, Italy
22 March Independent Review Panel Meeting Panel Members
30 March Webinar Topic: Digital connectivity as a game changer: How to adapt our accountability practices to the digital age? (more)
5 April Board Meeting Location: London
6 April Members’ Annual General Meeting Location: London
22-24 April Global Standard Meeting Project Partners
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
18 May Webinar Topic: Accountability codes in the Global South: What have we learnt from the Global Standard project? (more)
16 June Independent Review Panel Meeting
21 June Board Meeting
1 July Webinar Topic: How good is Charter Members’ accountability performance compared to other CSOs?
20-22 July Global Standard Meeting Location: Belgrade
22-23 September Annual Members Workshop Topic: Governance & Decentralisation
Location: Amsterdam
October (tbc) Webinar Topic: How to use the Charter for fundraising purposes?
18 October Board meeting
26-28 October Global Perspectives Location: Berlin
16-17 November Independent Review Panel meeting
Early December (tbc) Webinar Topic: Getting up to speed: How to protect our data and privacy in the digital age?
6-8 December Global Standard Meeting Location: Uganda