Annual General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the INGO Accountability Charter is the yearly meeting for all Charter Member organisations. Each Full Member has a voting right at the meeting and Affiliate Members are welcome to join the discussions. At this meeting, Charter Members

  • monitor the performance of the Board
  • approve Board decisions
  • receive the Directors’ report of Charter activities since its last AGM
  • observe the accounts of the Charter for the previous financial year
  • appoint auditors
  • elect Board Directors
  • approve changes and amendments of the Charter and discuss any other developments.

AGM 2016
Last year Members agreed on an ambitious new Charter Strategy. This year we discussed the progress that was achieved and how to advance it further in 2016. We shared the results of our Digital Accountability project and how adapted accountability practices can support success of CSOs in the digital age. We discussed suggestions by the Independent Review Panel on how to improve accountability to the people and report in a timelier, online based format. We presented the findings of a comparative study between Charter Members and peer organisations regarding the quality of their accountability practice and discussed the new Charter branding architecture and approach. The Global Standard project has made significant progress and we gathered input to ensure a strong global voice of CSOs in an increasingly difficult environment for them to operate. The AGM was hosted by World Vision International in London on 6 April 2016. For more details, have a look at the outcome summary:

AGM 2015
The Charter’s 2015 Annual General Meeting was again hosted by Amnesty International in their headquarters in London. With 45 participants on board, the day witnessed many thoughtful presentations, interactive debates, expert insights, peer exchange and the chance to engage in an open collaborative environment. A major discussion point was the Changing Face of CSO Accountability and what challenges it presents. To address these challenges, the new strategic direction beyond 2015 was discussed to drive more positive impact of ICSOs. The AGM mandated the Secretariat and Board to draft the final strategy going forward. For more details, have a look at the minutes below.

AGM 2014
The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Charter took place on 4 April in London. Along with the appointment of new Board Directors, the meeting focused on the revision of the Charter Principles, developments in the Independent Review Panel’s vetting approach, and an extended discussion on the Global Standard project bringing together eight leading CSO accountability networks from Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North and South America to systematically cooperate and leverage each other’s strength in empowering civil society organisations. Below you will find the AGM minutes:

AGM 2013
The 2013 AGM took place in London on 5 April 2013. The Members retrospectively approved the contracts with the Berlin Civil Society Center hosting the Charter Secretariat, one new and two current Board Directors were elected and the Burning Platform of NGO Accountability was discussed. Below you will find the AGM minutes:

AGM 2012
The 2012 AGM took place in London on 30 March 2012. At this meeting new Articles of Association and Memorandum were adopted; a new membership structure was presented and four Board directors re-elected. The possibility of convergence with other accountability initiatives and suggestions for themes and topics for the upcoming Members’ Workshop were also discussed. Below you will find the AGM minutes:

AGM 2011
The 2011 AGM took place on 13 April in Berlin. At this meeting, a Five Year Strategy for the Charter was adopted; two new Board directors were elected, and the GRI NGO Sector Supplement reporting framework and the work of the Independent Review Panel were discussed. Representatives from the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) gave input on how this initiative could relate to the Charter’s activities. Have a look at the minutes below:

Janet Mawiyoo Janet Mawiyoo, Chair of Viwango, Kenya (right) and Rosa Inés Ospina, Co-Director of Rendir Cuentas, Columbia (below, left) presented the current state of play in regard to NGO accountability in Africa and Latin America. (AGM 2014)

A Reliable Standard

“The GRI NGO Sector Supplement now provides a robust vehicle for Charter reporting. It included reporting indicators developed with independent input and public consultation and offers the same standard that is used by commercial organisations.”


Jeremy Hobbs, Senior Advisor and former Chair of the Charter Board

Caroline Harper Caroline Harper, CEO at Sightsavers International (middle), stressed the importance of the Charter improving the work and working conditions for NGOs across the globe. (AGM 2014)