About Accountable Now

Accountable Now is a cross-sector platform of globally acting civil society organisations (CSOs). Together we strive to be transparent, responsive to stakeholders and focused on delivering impact.

Community of Practice

Accountable Now was founded in 2008 under the name International NGO Charter of Accountability by and for 10 leading CSOs, including development, humanitarian, environmental, rights-based and advocacy organsiations. As Membership and global collaboration increase, our collective voice is strengthened. Today, we have 25 Member CSOs which are active in more than 150 countries and impact stakeholders all over the world. Learn more about our Members


Members have signed ten succinct, globally-agreed-upon Accountability Commitments. Members seek to respect human rights and take responsibility for the environment; to be independent, transparent and effective; to ensure responsible advocacy, participation and diversity; and to do all of the above in an ethical and professional way. Get more details on our Commitments

10 Accountability Commitments

Definition of Accountability

A vibrant civil society is a fundamental cornerstone of every well-functioning democracy. CSOs help to protect and advance people’s rights, drive sustainable development and hold businesses and governments to account. It is therefore vital to invest in a strong CSO infrastructure. At Accountable Now, we believe that accountability is at the heart of this endeavor. We need to ensure that the high standards which we demand from others are also respected in our own organisations.


  • being transparent on what the organisation is, what it commits to doing and progress achieved;
  • engaging key stakeholders in meaningful dialogue to enable continuous improvement for those we serve;
  • using power responsibly and enabling stakeholders to hold us to account effectively.


Accountable Now provides a comprehensive set of standards that allows us to assess if commitments are being delivered. Members have to report annually on their accountability performance. Meeting and exceeding these reporting standards drives organisational development and sets the focus on impact. Have a look at the Reporting Guidelines

Our independent review mechanism ensures integrity and credibility. An Independent Review Panel consisting of internationally-recognised experts from around the globe, with backgrounds in development, human rights, business and academia, provides in-depth and individual feedback.

Get background information on the current Panel Members

Accountability is key

People-Powered Accountability

Unlike other standards, we go beyond reporting and help CSOs actively engage their stakeholders, which include donors, partners, supporters, local actors and the public. This is key to building trust and delivering a greater quality of work. Since 2015, we gather best practices and develop tools to enable co-creation and empower stakeholder relationships.
We also invite you to join our People-Powered Accountability Project!

Strategy Beyond 2015

Strategy Beyond 2015CSOs are facing many challenges, from climate change and digitalization to government harassment and shrinking civic space. It is Accountable Now’s ambition to support CSOs to master these challenges as we:

  • Build Strong Accountability
  • Enhance Public Trust
  • Improve Global Collaboration

Read more about our strategic efforts in the Strategy Beyond 2015

Governance & Management

Accountable Now is registered as International NGO Charter of Accountability Company Ltd, in the United Kingdom. It is owned by its Member Organisations and governed by a Board of Directors.
Since 2010, the Secretariat is hosted by the International Civil Society Centre in Berlin.
Annual reports and policies can be accessed here.


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