3. Open your books

Transparency is the pre-condition for people to interact in any meaningful way. In the digital age, information has to be easily accessible, customised and delivered in-time and on demand. Organisational siloes must be eliminated to ensure consistency of information. In co-creation processes, external actors have to get immediate access to organisational data.

A good example is when Amnesty International provided supporters with direct access to satellite imagery on human rights violations to help collectively assess the information. ARTICLE 19 plans to provide donors with access to the first level of their internal online project management and reporting system to allow them to track progress regarding implementation and impact of activities as defined by the outcomes and targets in their new strategy, the Expression Agenda 2016-21. Starting a journey to transform Plan International into a more transparent organisation, the first decision of Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen, as CEO, was to open her calendar so all colleagues could see her activities and book time with her directly, without going through a gate-keeper.

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