Accountable Now* is a global platform that supports civil society organisations (CSOs) to be transparent, responsive to stakeholders and focused on delivering impact.

Joined by most of the globally acting CSOs – from across the sector – Accountable Now has a strong reputation and hosts an inspiring community of practice to learn from.

We provide a framework of 10 Accountability Commitments as well as a comprehensive set of standards and an independent review mechanism.

Unlike other standards, Accountable Now goes beyond reporting and helps CSOs to actively engage stakeholders. This is key to building trust and delivering a greater quality of work.

As Membership and global collaboration increase, our collective voice is strengthened. Sign up to shape the accountability standards of the future!

Accountability Reports & Feedback

All Members of Accountable Now are required to submit an annual Accountability Report that is reviewed by our Independent Review Panel. Consisting of internationally-recognised experts, the panel ensures integrity and provides in-depth and individual feedback for each Member.

People-Powered Accountability

Accountable Now supports CSOs to actively engage key stakeholder groups in co-shaping the quality of their work. The shift towards people-powered strategies is key to building trust and delivering a greater impact. With our partners from Amnesty International, Restless Development, 350.org and others, we explore how to best drive People-Powered Accountability.

Global Standard

The Global Standard for CSO Accountability is an initiative of nine well-established civil society accountability networks from around the world. The overarching aim is to devise a collective framework with a unified and compelling narrative on civil society organisations’ commitment to the public.

*The INGO Accountability Charter is now called Accountable Now. Please note that it will take some time to update all publications. A new website accountablenow.org is coming soon. Thank you for your interest in our organisation. Let’s walk the talk together!